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Bennies and Johnnies Step into the Spotlight on 大学之旅!

When two top-tier liberal arts schools join forces to create a uniquely integrated learning community, opportunities are limitless! Watch 10 students and alums from the College of Saint Benedict and 幸运28 showcase the academic, social and experiential learning that prepare them for success.

Five Bennies and five Johnnies will guide you through our 30-minute TV episode of 大学之旅, hosted by executive producer 亚历克斯Boylan. Through their amazing stories, you’ll tour two historic Catholic, Benedictine schools blending 3,300 acres of Minnesota lakes, forests and college-town experiences. 这种集成的, one-of-a-kind residential college for women and residential college for men have proven to be the perfect choice for Bennies and Johnnies. With two campuses and decades of traditions, CSB and SJU combine exceptional academics, a commitment to experiential learning, a fun residential experience and a network of alums blazing trails and opening doors.


阿什利 Tarrolly photograph

阿什利 Tarrolly的24

主要: 经济学

小: 金融

An economics major graduating with honors, 阿什利’s already hired in investment banking at Piper Sandler. 大学网球运动员, founder of the Entrepreneur Club, she credits her success at CSB+SJU to her professors, 强大的社区, diverse opportunities and alum network.


Kaidan Popp来说的24

主要: Strategic 沟通 Studies

A communication major and varsity soccer player from Washington, Kaidan feels support at CSB+SJU to explore his interests in the fine arts, social justice and environmental issues. He never expected the place he’d feel most at home was halfway across the country.

Jocie Larson摄

Jocie 拉尔森的24

主要: 生物化学、Pre -地中海

小: 神学

A biochemistry major on a pre‑med track, Jocie captains the varsity swim team, volunteers with Special Olympics, has studied abroad and is passionate about undergraduate research. She credits CSB+SJU's supportive community and professors for helping her do all that she has.


科比 《幸运28》26日

主要: 工程物理

小: 数学

物理专业, engagement specialist at the Center for Student Leadership, 学生参议员, 科比也参与其中. From The Bahamas, he aspires to be a green energy engineer. He says CSB+SJU has shaped him into a civic-minded critical thinker through experiential learning and research.


克莱尔 穆南的24

主要: Political Science, Pre‑Law

A political science major on a pre‑law track, 克莱尔 is CSB Senate president. She completed three study abroad programs, attended the UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai and earned an internship in the House of Representatives after a DC summer study program. She credits generous scholarship support for her opportunities.


吉米 巴克的24

主要: 心理学,Pre -地中海

小: 神经科学

A psychology major, neuroscience minor on a pre‑med track, and St. Jude fundraiser president, 吉米 is a leader in service and on the nationally ranked SJU football team as captain and wide receiver. He credits professors and coaches for inspiration in becoming his best self.

斯泰西 Delgado photograph

斯泰西 德尔珈朵的25

主要: Strategic 沟通s Studies

小: Global Business Leadership

A communication major, global business leadership minor from Chicago, 斯泰西’s president of the Exploring Latin American 文化s Club, a campus ministry volunteer and helps lead the Advocates for Inclusive Mentoring Program. She says she’s discovering her full potential while empowering others.

路加福音 Budzyn摄

路加福音 Budzyn的25

主要: Global Business Leadership

小: 沟通

A global business leadership major and SJU basketball player, 路加福音 enjoys residential life and campus activities. He tapped into the CSB+SJU alum network to secure an internship. 路加福音 credits faculty, staff and alum connections in helping him find his career path.

阿什利 Ortizcazarin photograph

阿什利 Ortizcazarin的22

主要: 个性化的设计

小: 沟通

A 2022 graduate now at Target's creative headquarters, Ashely customized her major in design, worked in the costume shop, launched her business in the Entrepreneur Scholars program, and earned a grant for sustainable fashion. 阿什利 credits the CSB+SJU community for supporting her at every turn.


马特 吉斯”的22

主要: 生物化学

小: 神经科学

A 2022 graduate and Mayo Clinic medical student, 马特 credits small class sizes and pre‑med faculty mentorship 他在学术上的成功. Active in the SJU Health Initiative, EMT阵容, campus ministry and SJU track team, 马特 says CSB+SJU provided powerful opportunities for personal growth.

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是什么 大学之旅?

Launched here first (and the first schools in Minnesota to be featured!) the episode will be available soon on 大学之旅 (TCT) website and TCT apps on Roku, Apple TV, Android, Google Play and others. In addition to the full episode “tour” and 10 segments featuring the five Bennies and five Johnnies, 亚历克斯Boylan, 主机的 大学之旅,享受 coffee with President Brian Bruess as part of TCT’s digital series “Coffee with the President.” The episode will launch on Amazon Prime TV on May 28, 2024, as part of 大学之旅 11赛季.